SS Violins - Sebastian słoka

My story

   It all began in Poland in September 1978 when I was born. Having mother organist music accompanied me every day. When I finished education (first degree music school for piano + high school) I started to work my dream's job as motorcycle technician. In 2005 I came to UK and I developed my career as a mechanic at Honda gained there Master Technician Assesment.

     At the same time I became involved in worship group in Polish Catholic Church in Slough. To beautify musical side of the team I decided to learn to play the violin. And here began my adventure with this amazing instrument. One day I dropped my violin and broke its peg. I decided to deal with this problem myself but I quickly realized that it was not such a simple thing to fix. Then I became interested in the construction of the violin inspaired by a story of a great Italian luthier Antonius Stradivarius. I decided to try to gain more experience in this profession. I married in 2010 and I moved from Slough to London where at the garden I arranged a space needed for workshop and began to build instruments. After more than ten years of work I finished over forty of them.

     Seeking perfection of craft and sound execution I tried in this period of time to present my instruments for many great musicians and luthiers such as Danuta Pawlikowska, Stefano Conia, Philippe Devannaeux and Andrzej Matuszewski – violinist who pass through with me all my journey from the beginning.